Josh Cashman (Residency, Week #5)
Josh Cashman (Residency, Week #5)

Josh Cashman (Residency, Week #5)

with Special Guests
The Workers Club (Fitzroy, VIC)
Wednesday, 29 May 2024 7:00 pm
10 days away
18 Plus
Australian Artists

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Josh Cashman's musical odyssey began at 11, captivated by the enchanting world of chords and melodies as he strummed his first guitar. Growing up in a household where music resonated more than television, he found solace and passion in sound, song and art. From humble beginnings playing at school assemblies and open mics in his early teens, Cashman has traversed a remarkable trajectory.

Now, at 29, he stands as a testament to unwavering dedication, having embarked on multiple international tours throughout North America and Europe. A journey that saw him transition from the small stage to releasing two albums and 4 EPs, marking significant milestones in his musical evolution.

The year 2022 unfolded as a whirlwind for Cashman, with a staggering 70 shows internationally. Undeterred by the demands of the road, he channelled his creative energy into the release of two independent EPs in 2023 – 'Collection Of Colour' and 'WildFlower.' The move showcased not just his musical prowess but also his commitment to independence, managing, funding, and producing his work, topping with his first radio addition with ‘Butterfly’ on Triple J in 2023. 

As the pages of his musical narrative turn towards the future, Cashman is gearing up for what promises to be his boldest year yet, set to unleash a plethora of new music. A self-managed artist carving his path, Cashman's upcoming year is marked by extensive touring and a relentless pursuit of his musical vision.

In the vast landscape of his promising career, the story of Josh Cashman continues to unfold, each note echoing the resilience and passion of a true musical storyteller.