Matinee: Amutha (Album Launch)
Matinee: Amutha (Album Launch)

Matinee: Amutha (Album Launch)

with Childhood Nightmare, Em Duncan
The Workers Club (Fitzroy, VIC)
Saturday, 16 November 2019 1:00 pm
23 days away
18 Plus
$5 entry on the door.

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MOOD is a piece of me. The album is a door slightly cracked open into a universe of anxiety, ego, delusion, beauty, heartache and funk. Each record is a vibe, a moment, or just a way of releasing old sh*t. With no real knowledge of music theory, I've strung together a nine part dream that will take you inward. This show is going to the first full rendition of the album, so expect something deeply moving, emotional and electric. I'll be joined by the colourful yet deep sound of Em Duncan, and the raw, soulful acoustics of Childhood Nightmare